Morphological Determination of Glenohumeral Joint and Acromioclavicular Joint with Computed Tomography

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Abdullah Örs; Belgin Bamaç; Tuncay Çolak; Aydin Özbek; Sevilay Ayyildiz; Gür Akansel & Kaya Memisoglu


Although acute and chronic pathologies of the glenohumeral and acromioclavicular joints are frequently encountered in the population, the anatomy and morphometry are not fully known. The aim of this study is to determine the measurements of morphometric parameters according to age groups and sex in a large series of Turkish population. Nine hundred and forty-one shoulders computed tomography (CT) images were screened and those of subjects with healthy anatomical structure were included. Humeral head diameter (HDD) was measured on CT images. Measurements were made using 3D-CT images of: width (GW) and height (GH) of the glenoid cavity; width (CW) and height (CH) of the distal clavicular joint surface; and width (AW) and height (AH) of the acromial joint surface. Data were compared, stratified by age and sex. Images of 223 patients (118 men, 105 women) were analyzed. The following mean measurements were determined: HDD, 41.77±3.77 mm; GH, 34.66±3.26 mm; GW, 25.50±2.90 mm; CW, 14.85±3.51 mm; CH, 8.49±2.27 mm; AW, 12.97±2.94 mm; AH, 7.01±1.77 mm. When startified by sex, HDD (p<0.001), GH (p<0.001), GW (p<0.001), CW (p<0.001), CH (p=0.002), AW (p<0.001) and AH (p<0.001) measurements were significantly different and mean values were greater in men. Similarly for age, significant differences were found for GH (p=0.028), CW (p<0.001), AW (p<0.001), AH (p<0.001). The parametric values we have obtained in the Turkish population we measure differ from the measurements made in different populations according to age groups and sex. Knowing these features will contribute to treatment planning, implant and prosthesis applications.

KEY WORDS: Acromion; Computed tomography; Glenoid; Humeral head; Shoulder joint.

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ÖRS, A.; BAMAÇ, B.; ÇOLAK, T.; ÖZBEK, A.; AYYILDIZ, S.; AKANSEL, G. & MEMISOGLU, K. Morphological determination of glenohumeral joint and acromioclavicular joint with computed tomography. Int. J. Morphol.,40(6):1511-1517, 2022, 2022.