Under the Lens:A Report on Global Dental Morphology Modules

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Aman Chowdhry; Priyanka Kapoor; Samarika Dahal; Lisda Cancer; Gabriel M. Fonseca; Sema P. Aka; Mohd Yusmiaidil Putera Mohd Yusof; John W. Berketa; Cezar Capitaneanu; Ivan Bedek; Humayoun Temoor Baig & Emilio Nuzzolese


Dental morphology (DM) is the first introduction of dental graduates towards the identification of tooth; hence it is an important component of the dental curriculum. Traditionally, it is taught by manual carving of wax blocks, but the limitations of this method have been highlighted. There is a need to adopt innovative teaching methodologies to invigorate the concepts of dental anatomy (DA) and reduce the stress in teaching and learning with a proposal in standardization of training methodologies worldwide. Methods: A three-phased project was designed with an aim to collect global data related to teaching dental morphology within the dental curriculum. One dental professional actively involved in university teaching of DM subject was invited from 11 countries. The present study involved compilation of data from phase 1 questionnaire responses, followed by its discussion and analysis, and generation of preliminary report. Results: It is universally acknowledged that acquiring dental morphology knowledge by dentists is a prerequisite before they commence clinical practice. Our data points that no uniformity in DA course modules exists throughout the world and globally the subject requires curriculum redesigning. Conclusions: Consensus should be achieved amongst academicians in DM teaching and learning context. Innovative and standardized DM modules with component of computer-based and remote learning techniques should also be introduced.

KEY WORDS: Dental Morphology; Dental Anatomy; Dental Curriculum; Dental Education; Tooth Carving.

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CHOWDHRY, A.; KAPOOR, P.; DAHAL, S.; CANCER, L.; FONSECA, G. M.; AKA, S. P.; MOHD YUSOF, M. Y. P.; BERKETA, J. W.; CAPITANEANU, C.; BEDEK, I.; BAIG, H. T. & NUZZOLESE, E. Under the lens: A report on global dental morphology modules. Int. J. Morphol., 40(6):1497-1503, 2022.