Morphological Investigation of Protective Effects of CDP-Choline on Liver and Small Intestine in an Experimental Sepsis Model in Rats

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Necdet Deniz Tihan; Nazan Güner Sak; Nilgün Tuncel Çini; Senem Esin Yavas; Ugur Duman; Semiha Ersoy & Ilker Mustafa Kafa


Fifty male Wistar albino rats were divided into 5 groups; Group 1 as a sham group. Group 2 as a control group, Group 3 as 100 mg/kg CDP-choline administered group, Group as 200 mg/kg CDP-choline administered group, and Group 5 as sepsis group. The sepsis model was performed by ligating and perforating the caecum of rats. Liver and small intestine tissues were assessed either histologically or quantitatively and qualitatively. There was a significant difference between the sepsis and CDP-choline groups for liver and intestinal damage evaluated in tissue samples. (p <0.001). CDP-choline treatment partially improved dose-dependent the clinical parameters of sepsis and septic shock, reversed micro-anatomical damage caused by sepsis.

KEY WORDS: CDP-choline; Liver; Small intestine; Tissue damage.

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TIHAN, N. D.; SAK, N. G.; ÇINI, N. T.; YAVAS, S. E.; DUMAN, U.; ERSOY, S. & KAFA, I. M. Morphological investigation of protective effects of CDP-choline on liver and small intestine in an experimental sepsis model in rats. Int. J. Morphol., 40(6):1466-1474, 2022.