A Fresh Perspective on Histology and Embryology - A Lens on Aesthetics

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Liao Libin; Yao Xueping; Han Mingguo & Bai Shengbin


Histology and embryology is a science that studies the micro structure and function of the body and embryogenesis, and has insight into the microcosmic world of human body. It is delicate and ingeniousness, which greatly satisfy our thirst for knowledge and visual appreciation. This paper expounds the beauty of Science in histology and Embryology from the perspectives of aesthetics on cell morphology, tissue mode, organogenesis and life birth. Aesthetic education in histology and embryology can possible cultivate medical students' humanistic quality and aesthetic thinking, So that they are able to have an access to the essence of life.

KEY WORDS Aesthetics; Histology; Embryology; Philosophy; Humanistic quality.a

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LIAO L.; YAO, X.; HAN, M. & BAI, S. A fresh perspective on histology and embryology – a lens on aesthetics. Int. J. Morphol., 40(5):1400-1403, 2022.