Perception of Teachers and Students About the Experience in the use of the Hyflex Model in Anatomy

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Macarena Rodríguez Luengo; Jessica Goset Poblete; Nury Pérez Cárdenas; Sven Niklander Ebensperger & Diego Luengo Mai


The COVID-19 pandemic forced universities to abruptly teach their subjects in an online or semi-face-to-face format. This is how the use of the Hyflex educational model emerged as an alternative. The objective of this study was to know the perception of students and teachers about the experience in the use of Hyflex in anatomy. Mixed-type descriptive study was carried out, with a convenience sample of 115 students and 7 teachers who participated in Applied Anatomy during the year 2021 in the Skills Rooms of the Simulation Hospital of the Andrés Bello University, Viña del Mar, Chile. Data collection was through a self-application questionnaire with a 5-level Likert-type scale and a focus group with a script of 9 semi-structured questions. The quantitative data were analyzed with descriptive statistics and the application of the Mann-White test to compare between groups with a P < 0.05. Qualitative data were analyzed using grounded theory to identify main categories and subcategories. Both teachers and students had a good perception of the use of Hyflex. In both groups, the highlight was that it enabled access to online content and activities that complemented face-to-face activities. However, both groups agreed that they do not learn more in the online format than in person. In addition, in the focus group interviews two main categories emerged, satisfaction (highlighting the subcategories content understanding, administrative aspects, access to information) and modality (quality of learning, performance, participation, reception of information and social aspects). Hyflex is an alternative to teach anatomy content, although students and teachers perceive that attendance is essential to provide an adequate learning experience.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Distance Education; Problem-Based Learning.

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RODRÍGUEZ, L. M.; GOSET, P. J.; PÉREZ, C. N.; NIKLANDER, E. S. & LUENGO, M. D. Perception of teachers and students about the experience in the use of the Hyflex model in anatomy. Int. J. Morphol., 40(5):1253-1260, 2022.