Historic View of the Structure and Function of the Nerve. Pregalenic and Galenic View

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Jorge Eduardo Duque Parra; John Barco Ríos & Verónica Duque Quintero


The objective of this study was to organize over time, from ancient times until the Galen-century, the prevailing ideas about the nerves. We reviewed various bibliographic sources about nerves, and we organized those references during the time of the second century in relation to the concepts related to the constitution and function of nerves, comparing those ideas and concepts. Historically, it is shown that with the advancement of literacy and slow development of new ideas, it took several thou sand years to reach a less philosophical understanding through experimentation based on anatomical and functional elements of the Nervous System.

KEY WORDS: History; Nerves; Galen.

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DUQUE, P. J. E.; BARCO, R. J. & DUQUE, Q. V. Historic view of the structure and function of the nerve. Pregalenic and galenic view. Int. J. Morphol., 32(3):987-990, 2014.