Wnt1 and Wnt2b Immunodetection of the Regenerating Tail and Comparative Ultrastructure of Tail Spinal Cord in the Scincella tsinlingensis

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Chun Yang1; Jinyu Sun; Xin Wang; Yongqin Yang; Rui Chen & Bo Liu


The Wnt pathway is essential for the initiation of lizard tail regeneration. The regenerated lizard tails exhibit obvious morphological differences compared to the original ones. The expression of Wnt1 and Wnt2b proteins in the regenerating tail of Scincella tsinlingensis was detected by immunohistochemistry and then comparatively analyzed for ultrastructural changes in the original and regenerated spinal cord. The ependymal layer of the original spinal cord was pseudostratified with multiciliated cells and primary monociliated cells, while the cells of the ependymal layer of the regenerated spinal cord were organized in a monolayer with a few biciliated cells. Immunolocalization indicated that Wnt1 and Wnt2b were mainly distributed in the dermis near the original tail stump, spinal cord, and clot-positive migratory cells during Stage I, 0-1 days post-amputation (dpa). Wnt1 and Wnt2b were predominantly detected in the epaxial and hypaxial musculature near the original tail stump, wound epithelium, and spinal cord in the original tail during Stage II, 1-7 dpa. Mesenchymal cells and wound epithelium showed immunostaining during Stage III and IV, 7-15 dpa. The ependymal tubes contained these signaling proteins during Stage V and VI, 20- 30 dpa. Labeling was mainly observed in nearby regenerative blood vessels, ependymal cells, epaxial and hypaxial musculature in the apical epithelial layer (AEC) after 45-160 dpa. These findings indicated that Wnt1 and Wnt2b proteins presented primarily in regenerating epidermis and nerve tissues were a critical signal for tail regeneration in S. tsinlingensis.

KEY WORDS: Scincella tsinlingensis; Regenerating tail; Ultrastructure; Immunohistochemistry.

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YANG, C.; SUN, J.; WANG, X.; YANG, Y.; CHEN, R. & LIU, B. Wnt1 and Wnt2b immunodetection of the regenerating tail and comparative ultrastructure of tail spinal cord in the Scincella tsinlingensis. Int. J. Morphol., 40(5):1202-1208, 2022.