Changes in the Airway after Mentoplasty (Genioplasty). Systematic Review

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Ileana Gonzalez; Henry Garcia Guevara; Maria D. Viamonte; Dianella Jensen & Adalsa Hernandez


The aim of this research was to evaluate the changes obtained with the mentoplasty technique in the increase of the airway imaging. A systemic review was performed using the parameters of the prism matrix, in the PubMed, Science Direct, Redalyc database, covering the years 1984 to 2019 with the use of defined inclusion criteria. The authors independently applied the selected parameter of data extraction, study selection and risk-to-bias assessment. A total of 1,251 articles were obtained among the 3 databases, of which 10 met the inclusion criteria. The variables studied were: type of research, sample size, sex, age, dento-skeletal diagnosis, airway classification, diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), type of imaging evaluation, variables evaluated in the image, pre and post-operative values, surgical technique and type of fixation used, other surgical procedures applied, and complications. In the cases of linear evaluation with cephalometric analysis (9 articles) they used PAS (posterior airspace), MP-H (mandibular plane to the hyoid) and SNB (saddle-nasion-point B), and SCSA (section area as the most relevant points, smallest cross section) and VT (total volume) in the volumetric evaluations (2 articles). The average change in posterior airspace achieved by the cited authors is 4.2 mm with standard deviation of 1.4 mm with the use of advancement mentoplasty. The most widely used technique was mentoplasty with a horizontal osteotomy by 5 authors. Based on the research there is a positive relationship between the increase in the airway and the advancement mentoplasty procedure, however, more standardized studies associated with the way of measuring and evaluating the relationship between advancement and the airway are necessary.

KEY WORD: Airway; Mentoplasty; Genioplasty; Genioglossal advance.

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GONZALEZ, I.; GARCIA-GUEVARA, H.; VIAMONTE, M.; JENSEN, D. & HERNANDEZ, A. Changes in the airway after mentoplasty (genioplasty). Systematic Review. Int. J. Morphol., 40(4):1025-1034, 2022.