Variation of Serratus Anterior Muscle Originated from the Clavipectoral Fascia: A Case Report

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An-Na Bae; Yu-Ran Heo; Jae-Ho Lee & Soo-Jung Jung


The variations in the serratus anterior (SA) muscle are common. Here, we report a rare variation of the muscle origin with a potentially great clinical implication. We found an aberrant SA variation in an 81-year-old Korean male cadaver during a routine dissection for medical students. Additional slip (AS) of the SA originated from the clavipectoral fascia and the pectoralis minor. It traveled inferiorly and merged to the typical SA part. Precise knowledge about SA variations is clinically valuable; therefore, clinicians should be aware of the possible variation.

KEY WORDS: Serratus anterior; Clavipectoral fascia; Pectoralis minor; Anatomical variation.

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BAE, A. N.; HEO, Y. R.; LEE, J. H. & JUNG, S. J. Variation of serratus anterior muscle originated from the clavipectoral fascia: a case report. Int. J. Morphol., 40(4):880-882, 2022.