Arterial Abnormalities and Associated Variations of the Vertebrobasilar System on the Brain Base: Apropos of a Rare Case

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Borisav Stojanovic; Ljiljana Vasovic; Milena Trandafilovic; Slobodan Vlajkovic & Martina Drevensek


The presented case characterizes an association of primitive and definitive arteries with variations on the cadaveric brain base of a very old man. This case is found by the retrospective review of the data archive obtained during many years of cooperation of the author and co-authors. Fenestration of the (ectatic) basilar artery, partial and total duplication of some cerebellar arteries was associated with other variations of the vertebrobasilar and carotid systems. Although this is a case autopsied because of the myocardial infarction, the peculiarity of the case lies in the absence of the aneurysm based on the fenestration or dissection of one of the cerebral arteries.

KEY WORDS: Human cadaver; Brain base; Vertebrobasilar system; Arterial variations.

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STOJANOVIC, B.; VASOVIC, L.; TRANDAFILOVIC, M.; VLAJKOVIC, S. & DREVENSEK, M. Arterial abnormalities and associated variations of the vertebrobasilar system on the brain base: Apropos of a rare case. Int. J. Morphol., 40(3):750-754, 2022.