Somatotype Profile and Body Composition of Players from the Mexican Professional Basketball League

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Paulina Yesica Ochoa Martínez; Javier Arturo Hall López; Edgar Ismael Alarcón Meza;Emilio Manuel Arráyales Millán & Ricardo Sánchez León


The purpose of this research was to determine the somatotype profile and body composition of team members of Soles de Mexicali from the Mexican professional basketball league season 2012. A descriptive cross-sectional study in which 10 members of that team are evaluated to determine the somatotype and body composition, they were assessed with anthropometric variables in accordance with ISAK (International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry was performed) the equipment used was the Tom Kit Rosscraft Inc. The somatotype and body composition were determined through measurements of body weight (cm), height (cm), eight skinfolds (mm) triceps, sub scapular, biceps, iliac crest, supra spinal, abdominal, front thigh, medial calf, eleven circumferences (cm) arm relaxed, flexed arm, forearm, wrist, chest, low waist, high hip, thigh, buttock 1 cm, mid-thigh, calf and ankle, and two bone diameters (cm) humeral and femur. The data were processed or through Life Size Software Sports Scientific Reynolds. The following data are reported in the first reference of the Mexican league players assessed a somatotype 2.94­6.35­2.06 average and the percentage of body fat of the subjects tested was 14.46%. The values found in this study indicate a significant an optimal state of body fat percentage and somatotype similar when is compared with existing studies on national teams and international basketball.

KEY WORDS: Basketball; Somatotype; Body Composition.


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OCHOA, M. P. Y.; HALL, L. J. A.; ALARCÓN, M. E. I.; ARRÁYALES, M. E. M. & SÁNCHEZ, L. R. Somatotype profile and body composition of players from the Mexican professional basketball league. Int. J. Morphol., 32(3):1032-1035, 2014.