Six Asymmetric Bilateral Additional Heads of Biceps Brachii Muscle Observed in a Cadaver

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Joo-Young Kim & Jae-Ho Lee


Anatomic variation of the biceps brachii muscle (BBM) is frequently observed; its pattern is diverse and clinically important. During the educational dissection of a 78-year-old Korean male cadaver, six additional asymmetrical heads of the biceps brachii muscle (BBM) were found on both sides. On the right side, two additional heads originated from the humerus; the musculocutaneous nerve passed between these heads and the short head of the BBM. Four additional heads were found on the left side, anterior to the BBM, one of which originated from the pectoralis major muscle. Posterior to the BBM, two heads of tendons originated from the coracobrachialis muscle and one head of the muscle belly originated from the humerus. The left musculocutaneous nerve pierced the coracobrachialis muscle and continued distally passing between the short head of the BBM and the additional heads located posterior to the BBM. It then gave off the variant musculocutaneous nerve to the median nerve. On both sides, the short and long heads of the BBM had normal origins, insertions, and courses. This novel variation has various clinical and embryological implications.

KEY WORDS: Anatomic variation; Biceps brachii muscle; Musculocutaneous nerve.

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KIM, J. Y. & LEE, J. H. Six asymmetric bilateral additional heads of biceps brachii muscle observed in a cadaver. Int. J. Morphol. 40(3):674-677, 2022.