Comparison of Results Between Solutions with and Without Formaldehyde as Means of Fixation and Conservation in Gallus gallus domesticus Hearts

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Ernesto Hurtado


The formaldehyde solution is used in medical schools as a means of fixing and preserving corpses for the study of Anatomy, to which students, technicians and teaching personnel are exposed; it is allergenic and irritant to the mucosa, and recognized as a human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (2006). The objective of the present study was to compare quantitative and qualitative results between Gallus gallus domesticus hearts, after applying solutions with and without formaldehyde. Two groups were formed at random, to one a 10 % formaldehyde solution was applied, and to the other formaldehyde- free solution. Anthropometric, organoleptic, and photographic measurements were carried out (Pretest, during and Posttest). A database was prepared in Microsoft Excel (2019), and its processing in SPSS Statistics 2017 Version 25. For quantitative variables, the Shapiro-Wilk test and t-Student paired were applied. For qualitative variables the Cronbach's Alpha test, Chi square (X2) and the corresponding association coefficients (Somers D and Kendal's Tau b). The results obtained from the variables weight, length, and height presented a statistically significant difference (p-value <0.05), being different for the width and thickness of the left ventricular wall. The variables color and consistency showed significant differences (p-value <0.05). The irritating smell to the mucous membranes was present throughout the study with the formaldehyde solution. Upon inspection, neither group showed colonization - decomposition. It is concluded that the organs in experimentation that were applied formaldehyde-free solution presented better results compared to those that were applied 10 % formaldehyde.

KEY WORDS: Formol; Fixing and preservation solution; Formaldehyde free.

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HURTADO, E. Comparison of results between solutions with and without formaldehyde as means of fixation and conservation in Gallus gallus domesticus hearts. Int. J. Morphol., 40(3):566-572, 2022.