Prevalence and Biometry of the Calcaneal Spur in the Chilean Population: Radiological Study

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Ortega, M.; Vidal-Seguel, N.; Miranda-Krause, R. & Olave, E.


Pain in the talar region of the foot affects approximately one third of people over 65 years of age. Likewise, a large number of patients who consult for this condition reveal radiological findings of an abnormal growth of the hook-shaped calcaneus called a calcaneal spur (CS). The objective of the present study was to relate the prevalence and biometrics of CS in Chilean individuals according to sex and age. A descriptive-correlational radiological study was carried out where 400 lateral projection radiographs of the feet of 200 Chilean patients between 15 and 90 years of age were randomly reviewed. The analysis of the 200 people examined showed that 135 (67.5%) presented CS unilaterally or bilaterally. The presence of at least one CS is greater in the female sex 104 (52%) than in the male sex 31 (15.5%), however, this difference is not statistically significant p = 0.621. The average age of the people who presented CS is 60.43 years, much higher than those who do not present (43.51 years), this difference being statistically significant P = Sig. It can be concluded a prevalence of 67.5% of CS in the study population, higher in the female sex and directly related to age. This information will be of great morphological and medical value due to the little existing literature on this matter in Chilean individuals.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Foot; Calcaneal Spur; X-ray.

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ORTEGA, M.; VIDAL-SEGUEL, N.; MIRANDA-KRAUSE, R.; OLAVE, E. Prevalence and biometry of the calcaneal spur in the Chilean population: Radiological study . Int. J. Morphol., 40(2): 540-544, 2022.