Clinical and Surgical Implications of the Pulmonary Azygos Lobe: A Systematic Review

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Laura de Oliveira Bustamante; Víctor Hugo Amaral Gualberto; Clarice Fasciotti de Sa e Souza; Andesson Silva dos Santos; Diego de Faria Magalhães Torres & Júlio Guilherme Silva


Azygos lobe is one of the most common pulmonary variations. Although numerous studies discuss to the clinical and surgical implications of anatomical variations, there are few investigations about this topic. The aim of this study was to discuss the anatomy of the pulmonary azygos lobe and its possible clinical and surgical correlations. In this systematic review, a total of 48 results were found between 1968 and 2020. After application of eligibility criteria, 16 articles were included to analysis. Our results showed there were no reports of surgery complications in azygos lobe presence. In all articles that described the anatomical variation, the pulmonary azygos lobe received tertiary segmental branches. Among the surgical implications in the presence of the azygos lobe, complications are of low complexity. It is necessary to teach about this anatomical variation in medical schools in cadavers. Emphasizing the obvious morphological modifications in the superior mediastinum.

KEY WORDS: Anatomical variation; Clinical implications; Surgical outcomes.

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BUSTAMANTE, L. O.; GUALBERTO, V. H. A.; SOUZA, C. F. S.; DOS SANTOS, A. S.; TORRES, D. F. M. & SILVA, J. G. Clinical and surgical implications of the pulmonary azygos lobe: A systematic review. Int. J. Morphol., 40(2):442-448, 2022.