Effects of HIIT Associated with Coutoubea spicata Supplementation on Tissue and Oxidative damage Biomarkers in Wistar Rats

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Jessica Denielle Matos dos Santos; Jymmys Lopes dos Santos; Lucio Marques Vieira-Souza; José Uilien de Oliveira; Ailton Santos Sena Junior; Clésio Andrade de Lima; Felipe José Aidar; Anderson Carlos Marçal & Silvan Silva de Araújo


This study aimed to evaluate the effects of six weeks of HIIT on tissue and oxidative damage markers in rats supplemented with Coutoubea spicata fraction. Thirty-two male Wistar rats were divided into 4 groups: Baseline (GB); supplemented with 100 mg/kg of Coutoubea spicata fraction (GSCS); exercised for 6 weeks with the HIIT protocol (GH); supplemented with 100 mg/kg of Coutoubea spicata fraction + HIIT for 6 weeks (GHCS). Exercised animals performed the HIIT protocol (2 x 2). Tissue damage CK, LDH, ALT and AST markers in plasma were analyzed, as well as oxidative stress MDA and SH biomarkers in plasma and in cardiac, hepatic and muscle tissues. The results showed that CK, LDH, AST and ALT enzymes showed increase in GH when compared to GB (p<0.0001). However, CK, AST and ALT markers reduced their concentrations in GHCS when compared to GH (p<0.0001), indicating that Coutoubea spicata supplementation attenuated the damage in muscle and liver tissues induced by HIIT. Plasma, liver and muscle MDA showed increase in GH after HIIT sessions; however, when compared to GHCS, it showed reduced levels (p<0.0001). SH was elevated in the GH group when compared to GB in plasma and liver tissues (p<0.0001); in contrast, reduction in GHCS when compared to GH was observed in plasma, liver and cardiac tissues, demonstrating the redox effect of HIIT on some tissues. Thus, our findings showed that Coutoubea spicata has antioxidant activity, reducing oxidative damage markers and consequently tissue damage in healthy Wistar rats after HIIT protocol, but it also demonstrated redox balance after analyzing oxidative stress markers.

KEY WORDS: HIIT; Coutoubea spicata; Oxidative stress; Tissue damage.

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DOS SANTOS, J. D. M.; DOS SANTOS, J. L.; VIEIRA-SOUZA, L. M.; DE OLIVEIRA, J. U.; SENA JUNIOR, A. S.; DE LIMA, C. A.; AIDAR, F. J.; MARÇAL, A. C. & DE ARAÚJO, S. S. Effects of HIIT associated with Coutoubea spicata supplementation on tissue and oxidative damage biomarkers in Wistar rats. Int. J. Morphol., 40(1):204-209, 2022.