Correlation Between the Anatomical Morphology of Palatal Rugae and Sex

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Zhang Tong; Jia Yu; Hong-Shangguan; Hee-Moon Kyung; Xiu-Ping Wu & Li Bing


To investigate the correlation between the anatomical morphology of palatal rugae and sex. The study sample consisted of 120 students studying from Shanxi Medical University, of which 60 were females and 60 were males. The digital model of the palatal rugae was obtained by the 3 Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner. And the shapes of palatal rugae were recorded. Association between palatal rugae shape and sex were tested using Chi-square analysis. And logistic regression analysis (LRA) was carried out to calculate the accuracy of gender prediction using rugae shapes. There was a statistically significant difference between males and females in terms of the distribution of wavy and circular palate rugae. The use of logistic regression analysis obtained a sex predictive value of 65 % when all the rugae shapes were analyzed. Digital images of the palatal rugae morphology contribute to more accurate and convenient for data collection and transformation. It was found that rugae patterns can moderately identify the sex of the specific population when multivariate statistics such as LRA is applied. The palatal rugae morphology can be utilized as an assistant measure for sex identification.

KEY WORDS: Forensic anthropology; Forensic stomatology; Palatal rugae morphology; Sex identification.

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ZHANG, T.; JIA YU ; HONG-SHANGGUAN; KYUNG, H. M.; WU, X. P. & BING, L. Correlation between the anatomical morphology of palatal rugae and sex. Int. J. Morphol., 40(1):98-101, 2022.