Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism in Baby Hamster Kidney (BHK-21/C13) Cells Treated with Karnozin EXTRA®

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Aleksandra Popovic; Jovana Drljaca; Milan Popovic; Dejan Miljkovic; Jasna Marinovic; Marko Ljubkovic; Nebojsa Kladar & Ivan Capo


Carnosine is known as a natural dipeptide, which inhibits the proliferation of tumor cells throughout its action on mitochondrial respiration and cell glycolysis. However, not much is known about its effects on the metabolism of healthy cells. We explored the effects of Karnozin EXTRA® capsule with different concentrations of L-carnosine, on the cell viability and the expressions of intermediate filament vimentin (VIM) and superoxide dismutase (SOD2) in normal fibroblasts BHK-21/C13. Furthermore, we investigated its action on the energy production of these cells. Cell viability was quantified by the MTT assay. The Clark oxygen electrode (Oxygraph, Hansatech Instruments, England) was used to measure the “intact cell respiration rate”, state 3 of ADP-stimulated oxidation, maximum oxidation capacity and the activities of complexes I, II and IV. Results showed that Karnozin EXTRA® capsule in concentrations of 2 and 5 mM of L-carnosine did not induce toxic effects and morphological changes in treated cells. Our data revealed a dose-dependent immunofluorescent signal amplification of VIM and SOD2 in the BHK-21/C13 cell line. This supplement substantially increased the recorded mitochondrial respiration rates in the examined cell line. Due to the stimulation of mitochondrial energy production in normal fibroblasts, our results suggested that Karnozin EXTRA® is a potentially protective dietary supplement in the prevention of diseases with altered mitochondrial function.

KEY WORDS: Carnosine; Fibroblasts; Energy metabolism; Vimentin; Superoxide dismutase 2.

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POPOVIC, A.; DRLJACA, J.; POPOVIC, M.; MILJKOVIC, D.; MARINOVIC, J.; LJUBKOVIC, M.; KLADAR, N. & CAPO, I. Mitochondrial energy metabolism in baby hamster kidney (BHK-21/C13) cells treated with Karnozin EXTRA®. Int. J. Morphol., 40(1):91-97, 2022.