Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid Immunoreactivity in the Testis Tissue of Wistar and Genetic Absence Epilepsy Rats

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Duygu Gürsoy Gürgen; Özlem Tugçe Çilingir Kaya & Serap Sirvanci


Studies have shown the adverse effects of epileptic seizures on reproductive health. The aim of the present study was to investigate morphological changes, apoptosis and GABA localization in the testis tissue of genetic absence epilepsy rats. Testis tissues of GAERS and Wistar rats were processed for paraffin embedding and electron microscopy. Sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin, Masson’s trichrome and periodic acid-Schiff reaction. GABA immunohistochemistry was applied for determining the alterations in GABA levels. GABA immunoreactivity was observed in the seminiferous tubules and interstitial areas of both GAERS and Wistar rats. GABA immunoreactivity was found to be decreased in GAERS compared to Wistar group. Electron microscopic observations showed that GABA was present in manchette microtubules, sperm tail and neck at different phases of spermiogenesis. Qualitative observations revealed that testis tissues of GAERS showed reduced sperm in the seminiferous tubules compared to the Wistar controls. In conclusion, we demonstrated GABAergic system in the seminiferous tubules of control and GAERS rats, in parallel with the previous studies; and there were alterations in this system in GAERS. We suggest that these alterations in absence epilepsy may also affect the gonadal system, resulting in decreased sperm production.

KEY WORDS: GAERS, GABA; Testis; Electron microscopy; Immunohistochemistry.

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GÜRGEN, D. G.; ÇILINGIR, Ö. T. & SIRVANCI, S. Gamma-amino butyric acid immunoreactivity in the testis tissue of Wistar and genetic absence epilepsy rats. Int. J. Morphol. 39(6):1709-1718, 2021.