Anatomo-Histological Evaluation of Male Reproductive System of the Juvenile Caiman crocodilus yacare

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Cristiane Naoko Takamine; Hianka Jasmyne Costa de Carvalho; Michelle Silva Araújo; Rafaela Rodrigues Ribeiro; Maria Angélica Miglino & Alan Peres Ferraz de Melo


The Caiman crocodilus yacare was once close to extinction. Studies about the male reproductive tract may aid in their reproduction and conservation. In this work, after sedation and euthanasia, seven young male C. yacare were submitted to necropsy, and macroscopic evaluation of the reproductive system, while the three others were admitted for histological study. The histological sections were stained with Hematoxylin & Eosin and Masson's Trichrome. After opening the pleuroperitoneal cavity it was possible to identify that the testicles were disposed in pairs and attached to its dorsal surface. The epididymis showed elongated and convoluted shapes and were located at the cranial margin of the testicles, following its medial portion, which was the same portion that the “vas deferens” stems from until the opening of the cloaca. The crocodile phallus presented a tubular shape, with conical appearance, displaying little resistance while maintaining its flexibility, compatible with a fibrocartilaginous tissue. On light microscopic analysis it was possible to observe that the testis was delimited by the tunica albuginea. The seminiferous tubules were contorted, and the interstitial space was filled with interstitial tissue and Leydig cells. The epididymal ductus were covered with non-ciliated pseudostratified epithelium with cells varying between cuboidal and prismatic shapes. The ductus deferens were characterized by a narrow girth shrouded with non- ciliated pseudostratified prismatic epithelium. The phallus of the crocodile was covered with a non-keratinized squamous epithelium surrounded by connective tissue. The findings support anatomic and histologic knowledge Alligatoridae reproductive system, enabling further research in the C. yacare reproduction and conservation.

KEY WORDS: Crocodilian; Male; Sexual organs; Anatomy; Histology.

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