Use of the Chroma Key to Study Sperm Morphology and Physiology in Virtual Environments

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Paula Sáez-Espinosa; Laura Robles-Gómez; Andrea López-Botella & María José Gómez-Torres


One of the challenges in the use of new methodologies and technologies during the health crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been to keep students motivated in virtual environments. Therefore, the objective of this work was to assess the usefulness of audiovisual materials created with chroma key in the flipped classroom methodology to teach some theoretical concepts in the subject of Developmental Biology in the Degree in Biology at the University of Alican- te. For this, the teaching staff of the subject produced videos using chroma key technology, which were viewed by the students before the online theoretical sessions. During these sessions, the students put into practice the concepts discussed in the videos by carrying out activities. The students' perception of the methodology used was obtained through an opinion questionnaire, in which 90 % of the respondents stated that the combined use of the flipped classroom with chroma key facilitated learning by adapting to the rhythm and educational needs of each student. They also highlighted that the use of virtual scenery with chroma key made online teaching more enjoyable and attractive. In conclusion, the chroma key is an effective tool for creating educational materials in the flipped classroom that is also attractive and motivating for students.

KEY WORDS: Chroma key; Developmental biology; Flipped classroom; Virtual scenery; Virtual teaching.

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SÁEZ-ESPINOSA, P.; ROBLES-GÓMEZ, L.; LÓPEZ- BOTELLA, A. & GÓMEZ-TORRES, M. J. Use of the chroma key to study sperm morphology and physiology in virtual environments. Int. J. Morphol., 39(6):1663-1668, 2021.