Profile of Morphology Teachers in Chilean Universities

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Emilio Farfán; Julio Cárdenas; Omar Espinoza-Navarro; Pablo A. Lizana; Juan Pacheco; Paulo Salinas; Andrés Riveros & Mauricio Villarroel


University teaching in Chile has been influenced in recent decades by changes to the education system, which has increased universities and academic offerings and, therefore, the demand for new instructors. Teaching morphological sciences has not been exempt from these changes, with new instructors needed to fill the growing offerings of programs that include anatomy, embryology and histology. The aim was to understand the profile of the academics teaching morphology in Chile in 2020. A voluntary online survey was applied to 213 university morphology teachers, in which information was collected on professional and academic training, geographical distribution, gender, continuing academic education and employment situation. Overall, the results show that 65.9 % of instructors were men and 35.1 % women, and most (34.6 %) had between 5 and 10 years in morphology, and a master’s degree was predominant (53.27 %). In the area of anatomy, 46 % of instructors were physiotherapists and 24.6 % dentists, whereas in the areas of histology and embryology, the group was diverse. In terms of employment, 49.06 % stated they worked full time, mainly in teaching.41.31 % of the instructors were concentrated in the Metropolitan Region. There was no association between gender and graduate training, maximum academic degree attained, type of workday or academic profile, but there was one by disciplinary area. The conclusion drawn is that morphology teachers in Chilean universities are part of a wide range of professionals dedicated to different disciplinary areas, with master’s degree and/or specialization, located mainly in the Metropolitan Region. This multidisciplinary profile demonstrates the mainstreaming of morphology teaching in Chile.

KEY WORDS: Teaching; Morphology; University; Chile.

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FARFÁN, E.; CÁRDENAS, J.; ESPINOZA-NAVARRO, O.; LIZANA, P. A.; PACHECO, J. ; SALINAS, P.; RIVEROS, A. & VILLARROEL, M. Profile of morphology teachers in Chilean universities. Int. J. Morphol., 39(6):1615-1624, 2021.