Morphological Evaluation of Dental Diseases in Parion Chamber Tomb (OM 5) Roman People

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Aysegül Sarbak; Mustafa Tolga Çırak; Emel Acar & Vedat Keles


Most of the dental diseases occur due to tooth or jaw morphology or nutritional habits. Anatomical differences in the teeth and jaws of men and women can cause different dental diseases between the sexes. In this study, 33 skeletons obtained from the excavation of the ancient city of Parion, which are dated to the late Roman period, were examined. Dental diseases and possible causes were investigated on a total of 33 skeletons. In the evaluations, it was evaluated that some diseases were caused by the difference between the sexes, while some were classified as nutritional diseases. The rates of tooth decay are different between men and women with Parion. It has been determined that the most important reason for this is the different morphological structure of the jaws and teeth, but the nutritional differences also cause this. Other dental and jaw diseases were also evaluated in the Parion population.

KEY WORDS: Parion ancient city; Dental morphology; Dental diseases; Teeth; Jaws.

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SARBAK, A.; ÇIRAK, M. T.; ACAR, E. & KELES, V. Morphological evaluation of dental diseases in Parion chamber tomb (OM 5) Roman People. Int. J. Morphol., 39(5):1467-1472, 2021.