Presence of Incomplete Superficial Axillary Arch and Pectoralis Quartus Muscle in One Male Body

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Alba R. Valencia V.; José I. Salgado & José S. Cortés


The anatomical variations of the pectoralis major muscle (PMM) and latissimus dorsi muscle (LDM) range from agenesis to the presence of supernumerary fascicles with a variety of insertions and relationships with the muscles, fascia, vessels, nerves and skeletal components of the shoulder girdle and the axilla. Many of these variations are clinically irrelevant, but extremely interesting and revealing from the perspective of comparative anatomy, ontogeny, and phylogeny. In this report, we present two different supernumerary muscles in the chest of one adult male body, identified during dissection practice of undergraduate medical students at Universidad Surcolombiana. These supernumerary fascicles in the axillary region were caudal to the lower edge of the PMM on the right side of the chest, and in contact with the anterior edge of the LDM on the left side of the chest; each fascicle was inserted in the ipsilateral coracoid process. These observations are congruent with the pectoralis quartus muscle and an incomplete and superficial axillary arch, respectively.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Anatomic variation; Axilla; Superficial back muscles; Pectoralis muscles.

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VALENCIA, V. A. R.; SALGADO, J. I. & CORTÉS, J. S. Presence of incomplete superficial axillary arch and pectoralis quartus muscle in one male body. Int J. Morphol., 39(5):1353-1357, 2021.