Morphometric Analyses of the Caroticoclinoid and Interclinoid Foramina: A Study in Brazilian Dry Skulls

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Kennedy Martinez de Oliveira; Valério Landim de Almeida1; Gabriel das Chagas Benevenuto; Gustavo Maia de Faria; Ana Clara Camillato e Silva; Thayná Cristina Ferreira Costa; Daniel Gonçalves de Oliveira; Leonardo Braga Bueno; Pedro Lucas Rodrigues; Marcos Túlio Castro Peixoto;Talita Cardoso Gomes; Maísa de Fátima Satiro Oliveira; Giuliano Roberto Gonçalves & Leandro Henrique Grecco


The caroticoclinoid (CF) and the interclinoid (IF) foramina are variant formations of the middle cranial fossa, which result from idiopathic and possibly atavistic ossifications of the caroticoclinoid and interclinoid ligaments, respectively. Topographically, these foramina are intimately associated, to varying degrees, depending on their conformations, with the neurovascular elements of the paraclinoid region and have important clinical and surgical significance. Thus, this study, conducted from 38 dry skulls belonging to the shared collection of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Governador Valadares campus, revealed 11 skulls (28.95 %) with one of the two complete formations - the caroticoclinoid or the interclinoid, and in 6 skulls the caroticoclinoid foramen occurred uni or bilaterally. As a result, 50 % of these skulls presented the CF exclusively on the right (or 62.5 % of the total number of variant foramina), with an average transverse diameter of 4.91 mm and 5.8 mm AP (anteroposterior) diameter and an average area of 22.5 mm2. Concerning the IF, the findings occurred in 5 skulls with variable distributions between the clinoid processes and lateralities. The average length of the bone bridges in the IF was 7.7 mm. In conclusion, detailed anatomical knowledge of the caroticoclinoid and the interclinoid foramina is fundamental to the practice of neurosurgical procedures, since they have intimate relationships at a location of high structural complexity.

KEY WORDS: Caroticoclinoid and surgery; Caroticoclinoid foramen and caroticoclinoid ligament.

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DE OLIVEIRA, K. M.; DE ALMEIDA, V. L.; BENEVENUTO, G. C.; DE FARIA, G. M.; SILVA, A. C. C.; COSTA, T. C. F.; DE OLIVEIRA, D. G.; BUENO, L. B.; RODRIGUES, P. L.; PEIXOTO, M. T. C.; GOMES, T. C.; OLIVEIRA, M. F. S.; GONÇALVES, G. R. & GRECCO, L. H. Morphometric analyses of the caroticoclinoid and interclinoid foramina: A study in Brazilian dry skulls. Int. J. Morphol., 39(5):1345-1352, 2021.