Anthropometric Parameters, Lower Limb Functionality and Quality of Life After High-Intensity Interval Training in Healthy Young People Versus Older Adults

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Macarena Artigas-Arias; María Angélica Olea; Yuri SanMartín-Calísto; Nolberto Huard; Fernanda Durán-Vejar; Francisca Beltrán-Fuentes; Aris Muñoz-Fernández; Andrea Alegría-Molina; Jorge Sapunar; Luis A. Salazar & Gabriel Nasri Marzuca-Nassr


The aim of this study was to determine the effects of High-intensity interval training (HIIT) on the quality of life in healthy young people (YNG) and older adults (OLD)and its correlation with physical health status (anthropometric parameters and lower limb functionality) YNG (21 ± 2 years, BMI 26.37 ± 2.69 n = 12) and OLD (67 ± 5 years, BMI 27.16 ± 3.04 n = 12) groups underwent 12weeks of HIIT. Before and after the HIIT, anthropometric assessments, lower limb functionality tests,and SF-36 quality-of-life questionnaire were performed. There were no significant changes in the SF-36 dimensions (P>0.05). After HIIT, there were improvement percentage changes in Mental Component Summary (MCS) (YNG, +8.51 ± 25.80 % vs. OLD, +2.30 ± 9.05 %) and in Physical Component Summary (PCS) (YNG, +2.66 ± 20.54 % vs. OLD, +4.34 ± 22.71 %). Negative correlations were observed between body mass index (BMI) with PCS (R=-0.570, P=0.009) and with MCS (R=-0.649, P=0.002) in OLD as well as between MCS and waist circumference (R=-0.557, P≤0.001) in both groups. Also, correlations were observed between PCS and the sit-to-stand test (R=-0.424, P=0.006) in both groups and gait speed (R=0.458, P=0.042) only in YNG. HIIT promotes positive percentage changes in quality of life, with YNG showing better results in PCS and OLD in MCS. Quality of life and physical health status were correlated in both groups.

KEY WORDS: High intensity interval training; Healthy aging; Anthropometry, functional ability; Quality of life.

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ARTIGAS-ARIAS, M.; OLEA, M. A.; SAN MARTÍN-CALÍSTO, Y.; HUARD, N.; DURÁN-VEJAR, F.; BELTRÁN-FUENTES, F.; MUÑOZ-FERNÁNDEZ, A.; ALEGRÍA-MOLINA, A.; SAPUNAR, J.; SALAZAR, L. A. & MARZUCA-NASSR, G. N. Anthropometric parameters, lower limb functionality and quality of life after high-intensity interval training in healthy young people versus older adults. Int. J. Morphol., 39(5):1337-1344, 2021.