Echinococcosis: Update on Terminologies Used from Biology to Therapeutics

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Claudio Rojas & Carlos Manterola


The diagnosis and treatment of echinococcosis requires the participation of different multidisciplinary specialists Therefore, standardizing the terminology used is essential. To harmonize terminology on a sound scientific and linguistic basis, the World Echinococcosis Association generated a formal consensus process. The main achievements of this process were to update the current nomenclature of Echinococcus spp .; to generate an agreement on names of diseases caused by Echinococcus spp .: cystic echinococcosis (CE), alveolar echinococcosis (EA) and neotropical echinococcosis (NE), and the exclusion of other names; execute an agreement on the restricted use of the adjective "hydatid" to refer to the cyst and the fluid due to E. granulosus sensu lato; and an agreement on a standardized description of surgical interventions for CE, according to the framework of “Cyst Access, Opening, Resection and Integrity” (AARI). In addition, 95 "approved" and 60 "rejected" terms were listed. The recommendations provided will be applicable to scientific publications and communication with professionals. The aim of this manuscript was to generate a study document referring to echinococcosis from biology to therapy.

KEY WORDS: Echinococcus; Echinococcosis; Alveolar echinococcosis [Supplementary Concept]; Terminology as Topic; Cystic echinococcosis; Neotropical echinococcosis.

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ROJAS, C. & MANTEROLA, C. Echinococcosis: Update on terminologies used from biology to therapeutics. Int. J. Morphol., 39(4):1240-1252, 2021.