Morphological Study of the Pelvis and Vertebral Column in University Dance Major Students

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Nayoung Yoon & Je-Hun Lee


The purpose of this study was to investigate the pelvis and spine of university dance major students. The spine and pelvic morphology were measured in 32 students (eight ballet, eight Korean dance, and eight modern dance) and eight general studies students. using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry and Formetric III 4D. First, as a result of measuring the front and rear tilt, a back tilt of the torso was found in all groups. Second, measurement of the left and right tilt of the spine showed a tilt to the right, and the angle and distance of the tilt were 1.25 ± 1.16 ° and 10.5 ± 9.3 mm, respectively in the ballet major group. Third, the kyphosis angle was the highest in the Korean dance students, exceeding the normal range (ballet: 46 °, Korean dance: 54 °, modern dance: 47 °, general department: 49°). Although, there was no significant difference among the groups, but the spine and pelvic morphology were measured in different forms (shapes) according to the majors. Therefore, according to the major, the movements used to affect the shape of the spine and the pelvis are considered to change. This suggests that follow-up studies are needed. If the displacement is severe due to the movement, pain may occur and it is necessary to study how to identify the pain area when the pain occurs.

KEY WORDS: Spine; Pelvic; Kyphosis angle; Dancer.

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YOON, N. Y. & LEE, J. H. Morphological study of the pelvis and vertebral column in university dance major students. Int. J. Morphol., 39(4):1235-1239, 2021.