Comparison of Age-Related anti Müllerian Hormone, Inhibin-b Levels and Follicle Reserve in Rat Ovarium

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Gizem Söyler; Güler Bugdayci & Aysel Kükner


Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and Inhibin B (INHB) in the glycoprotein structure are members of the transforming growth factor β family and expressed by granulosa cells from puberty. AMH is a factor that increases the life span of small developing follicles. For this reason, it is widely used to determine the ovarian reserve and age. Inhibin-B secreted from granulosa cells plays a role in regulation of the Follicle Stimulating Factor (FSH) and determination of the follicle diameter. There are few studies on the effect of these two age-related hormones on ovarian histology in rats. In this study, AMH and INHB expression in ovarian tissues of female rats of different age groups, their relationship with ovarian structure and folliculogenesis were examined histologically and biochemically. Wistar Albino rats were used in the study and a total of 3 groups were formed. The ovaries of rats in the pre-oestrous period were collected, and follicle count was performed on tissue sections in batches. Expression of AMH in the follicles was identified immunohistochemically. In serum, AMH and INHB levels were assessed by ELISA method and their significance was evaluated statistically. Results from light microscopic examination determined that AMH was expressed from the granulosa cells of developing follicles. INHB expression during the prepubertal period and AMH had a protective effect on the ovarian reserve and the number of developing follicles, respectively.

KEY WORDS: Rat; Age; Ovary; Anti-Müllerian hormone; Inhibin B.

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SÖYLER, G.; BUGDAYCI, G. & KÜKNER, A. Comparison of age-related anti müllerian hormone, inhibin-b levels and follicle reserve in rat ovarium. Int. J. Morphol., 39(4):1074-1080, 2021.