The Effect of Hyaluronic Acid on the Periodontium in Spontaneous Periodontitis in Rats

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Oksana V. Kopchak; Natalia S. Marchenko; Oleksandr A. Kaniura; Serhii I. Savosko; Konstyantyn A. Yanishevsky; Olexandr M. Makarenko; Olena M. Doroshenko & Olha V. Asharenkova


The aim of the article was to study changes in periodontal tissues in rats with spontaneous periodontitis (SP) and to evaluate the effect of hyaluronic acid (HA) on the state of the periodontium. Wistar rats with signs of SP were divided into 6 groups: 1) intact group; 2) intact animals with HA “HD-1,0 MDa”; 3) SP group; 4) SP with HA “S-2,4 MDa”; 5) SP with HA “ST-2,4 MDa”; 6) SP with HA “HD-1,0 MDa”. The study of the periodontium rats with SP noted the main structural changes (collagen reduction, resorption of alveolar bone, dilatation and stasis of the vessels of the periodontium, gingival papilla and tooth pulp), which were assessed as moderate. Morphological evidence of inflammation was infiltration of neutrophils into the connective tissue of the gums, without the formation of abscesses. Local administration of HA did not cause additional structural damage in periodontal tissues of rats with SP, but also did not affect changes in the microvascular system of periodontium and tooth pulp, periodontal ligaments, only a tendency to inhibit alveolar bone resorption in rats was noted. One can consider the tendency to improve the condition of periodontal tissues in the group of rats injected with high molecular HA and HA with mannitol (2.4 MDa).

KEY WORDS: Spontaneous periodontitis; Rat; Periodontal ligament; Hyaluronic acid: Pulp; Inflammation; Blood vessels.

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KOPCHAK, O. V.; MARCHENKO, N. S.; KANIURA, O. A.; SAVOSKO, S. I.; YANISHEVSKY, K. A.; MAKARENKO, O. M.; DOROSHENKO, O. M. & ASHARENKOVA, O. V. The effect of hyaluronic acid on the periodontium in spontaneous periodontitis in rats. Int. J. Morphol., 39(4):1028-1035, 2021.