Anthropometric Profile and Functional Performance of Capoeira Competitors in the World Games

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Lucas Guimarães Almeida; Eduardo Seiji Numata Filho; Geovani Alves dos Santos; José Tadeu Carneiro Cardoso & Sergio Rodrigues Moreira


This study aimed to characterize the anthropometric profile and functional performance of elite competitors in different categories in the world championship of the ABADÁ-Capoeira School. Fifty high level male athletes were divided according to their weight categories, being: light category (VIOLA: ≤ 76.9 kg; n = 15); intermediate category (MEDIO: > 77.0 kg until ≤ 85.9 kg; n = 25) and heavy category (GUNGA: ≥ 86.0 kg; n = 10). Two evaluation batteries were performed: 1) anthropometry and somatotype determination; 2) physical performance in tests of push-up, sit-up, sit-and-reach, quadrant jump test, squat jump (SJ), and counter movement jump (CMJ). The “endo-mesomorph” classification predominated in the three categories. There was a difference in the quadrant jump test between VIOLA and GUNGA subgroups (F = 4.299; p = 0.019). Endomorphism had a negative correlation (p <[2.47] 0.01) with the performance in the sit-up (r = -0.51), push-up (r = -0.39), SJ (r = -0.45), and CMJ (r = -0.49). Male elite competitors at the international level, regardless the weight category, have a predominance of the mesomorphic component of the somatotype. Moreover, all capoeira athletes were classified as excellent for the sit and reach, sit-up, and push-up, and the latter were positively correlated with mesomorphism. However, endomorphism was inversely associated with the sit-up, push-up, SJ, and CMJ. In this way, the present study assists coaches in the formulation of appropriate training programs aiming the development of an ideal physical composition, which will be associated with high-level performance in capoeira.

KEY WORDS: Body Composition; Physical functional performance; Athletic performance; Martial arts.

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ALMEIDA, L. G.; NUMATA FILHO, E. S.; DOS SANTOS, G. A.; CARDOSO, J. T. C. & MOREIRA, S. R. Anthropometric profile and functional performance of capoeira competitors in the world games. Int. J. Morphol., 39(4):969-976, 2021.