Two Cases of Variations of Musculocutaneous Nerve Communication with the Median Nerve

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Daosheng Hu; Yong Zheng; Shanshan Peng & Chengjun Hu


To know the nerve variations of brachial plexus and its branches is very important in the management of upper limb nerve injuries. Variations of the brachial plexus are not uncommon, but types of variations are diverse. The unusual communication branches between the musculocutaneous nerve (MCN) and the median nerve (MN) in course were found during routine dissection on the two different left arms of formalin fixed male cadavers. Depending on the position related to the coracobrachial muscle (CBM), one MCN pierced the CBM, the other did not in the two cases. The branches of MCN emerged interior to the coracoid process to innervate the CBM. The present case reports of anatomical variations of nerves can help to manage nerve injuries and plan surgical approaches during surgical procedures.

KEY WORDS: Variation; Communication; Musculocutaneous nerve; Median nerve.

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HU, D.; ZHENG, Y.; PENG, S. & HU, C. Two cases of variations of musculocutaneous nerve communication with the median nerve. Int. J. Morphol., 39(4):960-962, 2021.