Alleviation of Diabetes-Induced Hepatotoxicity by Date Palm Hydroalcoholic Extract in Rat Model; A Biochemical, Immunohistochemical and Stereological Study

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Yun Zheng; Attalla F. El-kott; Fayez Shaldoum; Diaa Massoud; Yan Pan & Eman R. ElBealy


SUMMARY: The present study was aimed to investigate the hepatoprotective effects of date palm hydroalcoholic extract (DP)in diabetic rats using biochemical and histopathological approaches. Diabetes was induced by administration of 60 mg/kg of streptozotocin intraperitoneally. In this analysis 32 adult rats were randomly divided into four groups; group 1:non-diabetic control whic received 0.1 mL normal saline, group 2:served as non-diabetic control which treated with 270 mg/kg of DP, group 3: served as untreated diabetic, and group 4: diabetic rats treated with 270 mg/kg of DP. Diabetic rats treated with the DP extracts exhibited lower hepatic oxidative stress and lower hepatic enzymes level. Extract treatment decreased the level of malondealdehyde (MDA) as a marker of lipid peroxidation. Stereological estimations revealed a significant increase in the liver volume in diabetic rats which was reduced in DP-treated rats. Immunofluorescence staining showed high synthesis of acrolein as a byproduct of lipid proxidation. While, optical density measurement revealed significant decrease in acrolein after DP administration. Histopathological examination showed severe changes in untreated diabetic liver tissue manifested by dilated portal vein, leukocytic infiltration, fatty degeneration and necrotic nuclei, whereas, DP treatment attenuated the adverse effects of diabetes on the liver represented by relatively healthy hepatocytes and sinusoids. The obtained results indicated that date pam extract was beneficial in the prevention of diabetes-induced hepatotoxicity due to its natural antioxidant constituents. Further preclinical and clinical studies are needed for considering this plant in management of prediabetes and diabetes hepatic complications.

KEY WORDS: Date palm; Diabetes; Acrolein; Antioxidant; Hepatoprotection.

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ZHENG, Y.; EL-KOTT, A. F.; SHALDOUM, F.; MASSOUD, D.; PAN, Y. & ELBEALY, E. R. Alleviation of diabetes-induced hepatotoxicity by date palm hydroalcoholic extract in rat model; A biochemical, immunohistochemical and stereological study. Int. J. Morphol., 39(3):876-885, 2021.