Diameter Measurements and Variations of the Hepatic Arterial System in Multidetector Computed Tomography Images

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Abdulkadir Bilir; Zeliha Fazliogullari; Mustafa Koplay; Nadire Unver Dogan & Ahmet Kagan Karabulut


Liver plays an important role in many events such as bile production, blood filtration and metabolic functions. The liver is supplied by the hepatic arterial system. The hepatic arterial system anatomy has a variable structure and the rate of variation is high. In our study, we aimed to determine the diameters and variation of the arteries supplying the liver with multidetector computed tomography images. In this study, hepatic arterial system variations of 500 cases whose abdominal region was imaged with multi- detector computed tomography were evaluated and the diameters of the related arteries were measured. The mean diameters of classical and variational anatomy were determined in this study. According to mean measurements of classical and variational anatomy were abdominal aorta 21.95 mm, celiac artery 7.2 mm, common hepatic artery 4.3 mm, proper hepatic artery 2.93 mm, right hepatic artery 2.92 mm, left hepatic artery 2.51 mm and abdominal aorta 21.85 mm, celiac artery 6.99 mm, common hepatic artery 5.07 mm, proper hepatic artery 3.83 mm, right hepatic artery 2.87 mm ve left hepatic artery 2.09 mm respectively. When evaluated in terms of variations, 85.6 % of the cases had branching according to Type I, 14.4 % of the cases had different branching patterns. Type III (87.5 %) was the most observed variation among them. As a result of the study, it was determined that the arterial diameters vary according to the state of variation and that the arterial diameter of men are greater than that of women.

KEY WORDS: Arterial system; Liver; Multidetector computed tomography; Variation.

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BILIR, A.; FAZLIOGULLARI, Z.; KOPLAY, M.; UNVER DOGAN, N. & KARABULUT, A. K. Diameter measurements and variations of the hepatic arterial system in multidetector computed tomography images Int. J. Morphol., 39(3):869-875, 2021.