MicroRNA-27b Expression in Rats Submitted to Physical Exercise and Experimental Cerebral Ischemia

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Brenno Marco De Russi; Lucas Barbosa Porsani; Mucio Luiz de Assis Cirino; Jairo Pinheiro da Silva; Letícia Passi Turra; Paulo Cezar Novais; Fermino Sanches Lizarte Neto; Valéria de Paula Sassoli Fazan; José Antônio Thomazini; Benedicto Oscar Colli; Daniela Pretti da Cunha Tirapelli; Luis Fernando Tirapelli & Camila Albuquerque Melo de Carvalho


Cerebral ischemia has not only a high mortality rate, which is the second leading cause of death worldwide, but is also responsible for severe disabilities in working age individuals, generating enormous public expending for treatment and rehabilitation of the affected individuals. The role of microRNAs in the pathophysiology of cerebral ischemia has been highlighted in current investigations. In addition, recent studies have also highlighted physical exercise as a possible protective factor both in the prevention and in the effects of cerebral ischemia, placing it as an important study resource. Thus, we investigated the role of physical exercise in experimental cerebral ischemia associated with the expression of microRNA-27b. 16 animals were used, divided into four experimental groups: Control, Physical Exercise, Cerebral Ischemia and Cerebral Ischemia associated with Physical Exercise. The real-time PCR methodology was used to analyze the expression of microRNA-27b. Although there were no statistically significant differences in the expression of microRNA-27b between the groups studied, the increased expression of microRNA-27b in the Physical Exercise group indicates its neuroprotective role in the pathophysiology of cerebral ischemia.

KEY WORDS: Cerebral ischemia; Physical exercise; MicroRNAs; MicroRNA-27b.

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DE RUSSI, B. M.; PORSANI, L. B.; CIRINO, M. L. A.; SILVA, J. P.; TURRA, L. P.; NOVAIS, P. C.; LIZARTE NETO, F. S.; FAZAN, V. P. S.; THOMAZINI, J. A.; COLLI, B. O.; TIRAPELLI, D. P. C.; TIRAPELLI, L. F. & CARVALHO, C. A. M. MicroRNA- 27b expression in rats submitted to physical exercise and experimental cerebral ischemia. Int. J. Morphol., 39(3):754-758, 2021.