Epithelial Splenic Cyst. Morphological Characteristics and Postoperative Evolution. Case Report

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Carlos Manterola


Primary splenic cysts (PSC) are rare lesions in surgical pathology; those symptomatic, or greater than 5 cm, should be treated surgically to avoid the risk of complications. A histopathological examination should be performed to confirm the splenic cyst subtype and rule out a possible malignant transformation of the pluripotential epithelial lining. The aim of this manuscript was to report a case of PSC who had undergone surgery and to review the existing evidence regarding its morphological, therapeutic and prognostic characteristics. An 18- year-old woman (MAC), consulted for progressive abdominal distention of several months of evolution. Abdominal tomography revealed the existence of a large heterogeneous mass, 21 cm in diameter, in relation to the transverse colon and the greater gastric curve. Intraoperative examination revealed a solid cystic mass arising from the transverse mesocolon. Surgery consisted of splenectomy and in-block excision of the tumor. The patient evolved satisfactorily and was discharged on the fifth postoperative day. Diagnosis of epithelial splenic cyst was established based on the pathological examination of the surgical specimen. At six months postoperative the patient had evolved satisfactorily without complications. Following abdominal tomography control a functioning supernumerary spleen was confirmed.

KEY WORDS: Splenic Diseases; Splenic cyst; Splenic epidermal cyst; Epithelial cyst of spleen.

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MANTEROLA, C. Epithelial splenic cyst. Morphological characteristics and postoperative evolution. Case report. Int. J. Morphol., 39(2):667-671, 2020.