Effect of Aloe vera on the Expression of Nerve Factors, p75 and TrkA Receptors in the Hippocampus of Diabetic Rats

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Mahmood Khaksary Mahabady; Mohammad Bahrami Tapebur; Yazdan Mazaheri; Mohammad Reza Tabandeh & Seyed Reza Fatemi Tabatabaei


Diabetes mellitus can lead to structural disorders in the brain. One of the most common complications of diabetes, diabetic neuropathy is associated with central nervous system disorders. Aloe vera has anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and neuroprotective effects. This study was designed to evaluate the effects of Aloe vera gel on the hippocampus changes as well as the expression of nerve growth factor and receptors TrkA and P75 in the hippocampus of streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats. 25 male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 5 groups including: control (normal saline), diabetic (normal saline), Aloe vera gel (400 mg/kg/day; gavage), diabetic + Aloe vera gel (400 mg/kg/day; gavage) and diabetic + insulin NPH (10 IU/kg/day; subcutaneous). Experimental diabetes was induced by streptozotocin injection (60 mg/kg; intraperitoneal). All groups treated for 8 weeks. At the end of treatment course, the rat brains were removed for measuring the expression of nerve growth factor, p75 and TrkA receptors were evaluated in the hippocampus. Diabetes induction after 8 weeks caused NGF and P75 expression levels in the diabetic group than other groups significantly increased (p<0.05). The TrkA receptor expression in the diabetic group compared with the control had a significant reduction (p<0.05). On the other hand in the diabetic group receiving Aloe vera gel expression of NGF and P75 expression levels compared to the diabetic group was significantly reduced (p<0.05) and the TrkA receptor expression compared with the diabetic group had a significant increase (p<0.05). The results showed that oral administration of Aloe vera gel in diabetic rats ameliorates diabetes-induced hyperglycemia. On the other hand, Aloe vera gel cause modulation of the expression of NGF neurotrophic factor via increased expression of TrkA receptor-specific and non-specific receptor down-regulation of P75 in the hippocampus of STZ-induced diabetic rats.

KEY WORDS: Diabetic; Aloe vera; Nerve growth factor; Hippocampus; Rat.

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MAHABADY, M. K.; TAPEBUR, M. B.; MAZAHERI, Y.; TABANDEH, M. R. & TABATABAEI, S. R. F. Effect of Aloe vera on the expression of nerve growth factors, p75 and TrkA receptors in the hippocampus of diabetic rats. Int. J. Morphol., 39(2):577-586, 2021.