Morphological Aspects of the Surface Palmar Arch in Old Adult Individuals

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Homero F. Bianchi & Nicolás E. Ottone


The objective of this work consists in the analysis of the position of the superficial palmar arch in the palm of the hand, with identification of the origin, form of disposition, present anastomosis and termination of the same, providing the own experience and comparing it with the referents of the area, without carrying out a comparison of classifications, but on the contrary, seeking to analyze the information from a clinical-surgical point of view, demonstrating the importance of knowledge of the real anatomy of the superficial palmar arch when addressing the vascular anatomy of the hand in all kinds of pathological situations.

KEY WORDS: Superficial palmar arch; Radial artery; Ulnar artery; Anatomical variations; Clinical anatomy.

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BIANCHI, H. F. & OTTONE, N. E. Morphological aspects of the surface palmar arch in old adult individuals. Int. J. Morphol., 39(2):347- 354, 2021.