Definitions of the Landmarks, Bony Marks or Accidentes of the Bone Surface in Human Anatomy

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Nicolás Vidal-Seguel; Ricardo Esteban Miranda Krause; Marcela Pumeyrau-Solar & Bélgica Vásquez


Learning Anatomy can be a difficult and unmotivating process for the student, due to its complex vocabulary. One of the initial challenges in the teaching-learning process of Human Anatomy is the approach to the general terms of the musculoskeletal system grouped with the names of repairs, bone marks or accidents on the surface of the bone. These are usually mentioned with little or no definition in bibliographic resources. The objective of this work was to review the bibliographic resources that effectively have definitions of the terms known as repairs, bone marks or accidents on the bone surface, in order to provide clarifying information on the use of these bone terms and thus facilitate the teaching-learning processes of Human Anatomy. The terms commonly used to describe repairs, bone marks or accidents on the bone surface were analyzed in Terminologia Anatomica (FIPAT, 2019) and in five texts on Human Anatomy. To facilitate understanding, the results were classified and tabulated. There was a lack of bibliographic resources with definitions of the repairs, bone marks or accidents on the bone surface. Most of these bone terms were found in the musculoskeletal system. However, they are not exclusive to this system, and conceptual errors were observed in the definitions of some of the bone terms. One way to better understand these terms is to frequently review the Terminologia Anatomica.

KEY WORDS: Bone repairs; Bone marks; Anatomical accidents; Terminologia Anatomica.

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VIDAL-SEGUEL, N.; MIRANDA, K. R. E.; PUMEYRAU-SO- LAR, M. & VÁSQUEZ, B. Definitions of the landmarks, bony marks or accidents of the bone surface in human anatomy. Int. J. Morphol., 39(1):335-340, 2020.