The Choroid Plexus: History, Structure, Function, Etymology and Proposal for Terminological Change

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Jorge Eduardo Duque Parra; Steven Castillo Ramírez & José Fernando Marín Arias


The choroid plexus is a structure of the central nervous system linked to the production of part of the cerebrospinal fluid. Its knowledge derives from the times of Herophilus of Chalcedon to whom its name is attributed, which has endured, assuming the choroidal component as the shape of the hide of animals following the tanning process preparing it for various industrial uses. It is proposed to use the structural name of the ependymal ventricular plexus to replace the traditional choroid that indicates similarity to leather tanning or cured animal hide

KEY WORDS: Choroid plexus; Neuroanatomy; Terminologia Anatomical.

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DUQUE, P. J. E.; CASTILLO, R. S. & MARÍN, A. J. F. The choroid plexus: History, structure, function, etymology, and proposal for terminological change. Int. J. Morphol., 38(6):1577- 1579, 2020.