Preliminary Communication About the Morphological Arrangement, Functionality and Clinical Implications of Modiolus of Angulus Oris (Modiolus anguli oris)

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Nicolás E. Ottone



The anatomical arrangement of the facial muscles is of considerable complexity and requires a detailed study to achieve its precise recognition. The understanding of the morphological disposition and the functionality of the angle of the mouth (Modiolus angulis oris) is of great relevance when analyzing the muscular constitution of the labial commissure, and to understand clinically the injuries of the angulus oris, what that will allow an adequate therapeutic approach, crucial for the preservation and reconstitution of facial harmony.

KEY WORDS: Modiolus; Modiolus angulis oris; Morphology; Clinical Anatomy.

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OTTONE, N. E. Preliminary communication about the morphological arrangement, functionalitand clinical implications of modiolus of angulus oris (Modiolus anguli oris). Int. J. Morphol. 38(6):1837-1841, 2020.