Can Elastic Band Resistance Training Programs Mitigate Holiday Weight Gain and Improve Hand-Grip Strength in Older Women?

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Rubén López; Paula Cisternas-Vallejos; Yesenia Devaud; Rodrigo Muñoz-Cofré; Alejandro Gómez-Bruton & Pablo A. Lizana


This study evaluated the effect of resistance exercise training (RET) on body composition and muscle strength in 16 older women during summer holidays (70.5 ± 8.4 years old; Range 60-87). Exercise sessions were carried out for twelve weeks, two sessions per week, with 60 minutes of exercise per session. We measured body mass index (BMI), fat mass percentage (FM%, by bioimpedance) and grip strength with a dynamometer before and after the intervention. The participants showed a significant increase in BMI (p<0.05), FM% (p<0.001), and a significant gain in grip strength (p<0.05). The RET program could be an important strategy for improving strength for older women, but we would suggest combining it with other interventions, such as aerobic exercises with gradually increasing intensity and nutrition interventions, in order to maintain a steady weight during holiday periods.

KEY WORDS: Older adults; Body composition; Exercise program; Resistance training; Hand Strength.

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LÓPEZ, R.; CISTERNAS-VALLEJOS, P.; DEVAUD, Y.; MUÑOZ-COFRE, R; GÓMEZ-BRUTON, A. & LIZANA, P. A.. Can elastic band resistance training programs mitigate holiday weight gain and improve hand-grip strength in older women? Int. J. Morphol., 38(5):1173-1178, 2020.