Somatotype Profiles of Male and Female Montenegrin Judokas

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Miodrag Drapsin; Danilo Bojanic; Milovan Ljubojevic; Filip Sadri; Damjan Jaksic; Tatjana Trivic & Patrik Drid


The objective of this research was to establish the anthropometric characteristics and somatotype profiles of Montenegrin male and female judokas, divided by weight categories. The sample was composed of 170 Montenegrin judokas, 92 male judo athletes (21.8 ± 3.9 years) and 78 female judo athletes (20.5 ± 3.1 years). All athletes were of national level, divided by official weight categories. This study provides normative data of anthropometric and somatotype profiles in relation to gender and weight categories of Montenegrin judo athletes. The anthropometric profiles changed according to weight category, whereas, anthropometric parameters were highest in the heaviest category as compared to other weight categories. In the domain of male somatotype profiles, three different types of somatotype in relation to weight category were obtained. The three weight categories were endomorphic mesomorphs (-90 kg, -100 kg, >100 kg), ectomorphic mesomorphs (-60 kg, -73 kg, -81 kg) and judo athletes of -66 kg were mesomorphic ectomorphs. All the female athletes were endomorphic mesomorphs, except for category 52. Representatives from the -52 kg were mesomorphic endomorphs. This study highlights how somatotype profiles of national judo athletes differ between weight categories. It is likely that some changes could be used in applying proper training methods with a focus on the athletes’ physical abilities, which could result in a decrease in somatotype diversity among weight categories.

KEY WORDS: Martial arts; Judo; Skinfold thickness.

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DRAPSIN, M.; BOJANIC, D.; LJUBOJEVIC, M.; SADRI, F.; JAKSIC, D.; TRIVIC, T. & DRID, P. Somatotype Profiles of Male and Female Montenegrin Judokas. Int. J. Morphol., 38(5):1244-1249, 2020.