A Morphometrical Study on the Skull of Goat (Capra hircus) in Mizoram

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O. P. Choudhary; Priyanka; P. C. Kalita; R. S. Arya; A. Kalita; P. J. Doley & Keneisenuo


The present study was designed to elaborate on the morphometry of the skull of non-descript goats in Mizoram state of India. The study was conducted on the skull of twelve (n=12) adult goats of either sex (n=6 males and n=6 females) collected from the local slaughterhouses. Altogether, forty-one different measurements were taken morphologically. In the present study, the cranial and facial bones were the major components of the skull with a total of thirty-two bones. There were three single and four paired cranial bones with a total of eleven bones. There were one single and the rest were paired facial bones with a total of twenty-one bones. The cranial bones were occipital, parietal, interparietal, sphenoid, ethmoid, frontal and temporal. The facial bones were maxilla, premaxilla (incisive), palatine, pterygoid, nasal, lacrimal, zygomatic (malar), vomer, turbinate, mandible and hyoid. The skull measurements showed that the skull of the goat was elongated and dolichocephalic as per the cephalic index (47.82±0.05). The length and width of the skull was 19.28±0.03 cm and 9.22±0.04 cm, respectively. There were two supraorbital foramina on both sides of the frontal bone. The prominent facial tuberosity lies dorsally to the third superior premolar tooth. Single infraorbital foramen was located dorsally to the junction of the first and second superior premolar teeth on maxilla bone. The orbits were round and complete and situated on a frontolateral oblique plane. It can be concluded that the findings of this study would assist the comparative studies with other domesticated animals in the future and would be applicable in clinical veterinary practice and even in zooarchaeology.

KEY WORDs: Goat; Skull; Morphometrical, index; Cranial; Facial.

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CHOUDHARY, O. P.; PRIYANKA; KALITA, P. C.; ARYA, R. S.; KALITA, A.; DOLEY, P. J. & KENEISENUO. A morphometrical study on the skull of goat (Capra hircus) in Mizoram. Int. J. Morphol., 38(5):1473-1478, 2020.