Morphometric Indices in Santa Ines Sheep

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Ricardo Lopes Dias da Costa; Celia Raquel Quirino; Vivian Alves Costa Afonso; Aline Pacheco; Renato Travassos Beltrame; Aparecida de Fátima Madella-Oliveira; Aline Mineiro Costa & Roberto Machado Carneiro da Silva


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of period of the year, year of the birth, sex and age on morphometric indices, such as body capacity, body indices, body side indice, anamorphosis indice, compactness indice and body proportionality indice. The correlation between these characteristics was calculated. Santa Ines sheep offspring from the birth to 12 months-old, at the Estado do Rio de Janeiro were used. Measurements were obtained from animals under an extensive scheme within three years of study totaling 2,601 observations. In this work, the year of birth, sex, animal age and triple interaction between these effects have influenced (P<0.05) morphometric indices. According to body and compactness indices averages also was verified that the animals tended for a more compact conformation. Males were higher than females in all measurements and weight. Correlations between all measures were high and positive. The studied animals show a longilinear conformation, tending to compact.

KEY WORDS: Correlation; Morphometry; Sheep; Weight.

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DA COSTA, R. L. D.; QUIRINO, C. R.; ALFONSO, V. A. C.; PACHECO, A.; BELTRAME, R. T.; MADELLA-OLIVEIRA, A. F.; COSTA, A. M. & DA SILVA, R. M. C. Morphometric indices in Santa Ines sheep. Int. J. Morphol., 32(4):1370-1376, 2014.