AIF, PARP-1 and MicroRNA-9 Expression in Cerebral Ischemia Associated to Alcoholism Experimental Model

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Dayana Pousa Siqueira Abrahão; Fermino Sanches Lizarte Neto; Andressa Romualdo Rodrigues; Múcio Luiz de Assis Cirino; Jairo Pinheiro da Silva; Vagner Schiavoni Sarraipo; Camila Albuquerque Melo de Carvalho; Maria de Fátima Galli Sorita Tazima; Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Jr.; Benedicto Oscar Colli; Luís Fernando Tirapelli & Daniela Pretti da Cunha Tirapelli


The chronic consumption of alcohol causes a worsening of the events that follow the cerebral ischemia. These events are regulated through the expression of several genes and microRNAs. The aimof this work was To analyze and describe the expression profile of PARP and AIF and miRNA-9 proteins in rats submitted to focal cerebral ischemia, associated or not with chronic alcoholism model. Methods: Twenty adult Wistar rats, subdivided into: control; ischemic; alcoholic and ischemic / alcoholized for immunohistochemical analysis and miRNA-9 gene expression. Results: There was a reduction in the protein expression of PARP-1 and a positive marking for AIF in the ischemic / alcoholized group. The miRNA-9 did not obtain significant expression. The association of ischemia with chronic alcohol use promoted a tendency to low expression of miRNA-9, low expression of PARP-1 and high expression of AIF, indicating an interference in the protective effect of miRNA-9 be observed in the other groups.

KEY WORDS: PARP-1; AIF; miRNA-9; Cerebral ischemia; Alcoholism.

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ABRAHÃO, D. P. S.; NETO, F. S. L.; RODRIGUES, A. R.; CIRINO, M. L. A.; SILVA, J. P.; SARRAIPO, V. S.; CARVALHO, C. A. M.; TAZIMA, M. F. G. S.; CARLOTTI JR, C. G.; COLLI, B. O.; TIRAPELLI, L. F. & TIRAPELLI, D. P. C. AIF, PARP-1 AND MicroRNA-9 expression in cerebral ischemia associated to alcoholism experimental model. Int. J. Morphol., 38(3):616-621, 2020.