A Biceps Muscle Latissimus dorsi in a Dog

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Julio Gil & Ricardo Olivares


This article reports the finding of a twin unreported muscle begin. In one dog, both, left and right muscle latissimus dorsi were biceps. The thin second head of m. latissimus dorsi that we founded, could be an intermediate step of comparative anatomy changes from reptilian to mammal. Man breast surgery and cardiomyoplasty, use dog latissimus dorsi as experimental, to know this information can be useful to these situations.

KEY WORDS: Muscle; M. Latissimus dorsi; Dog; M. Biceps; Arm.

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GIL, J. & OLIVARES, R. A biceps muscle Latissimus dorsi in a dog. Int. J. Morphol., 32(4):1464-1466, 2014.