Ectopic Liver Tissue in the Left Hypocondrium: A Case Report and a Literature Review

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Marjeta Tanka; Anila Kristo & Nikollaq Leka


Ectopic liver tissue is a rare developmental abnormality. It is often asymptomatic and is commonly found incidentally, during surgery or autopsy. It has been reported in various abdominal and extra-abdominal sites, most often in the gall bladder. We are reporting an incidentally found mass in the left subdiafragmatic region, diagnosed as ectopic liver in abdominal CT and intraoperatively. We aim to assess the importance of imaging examinations in the differential diagnosis of intraabdominal masses ranging from benign to malignant entities and to point out that despite the low incidence of ectopic liver, it is necessary to be aware of this diagnostic possibility.

KEY WORDS: Ectopic liver; Left hypocondrium; Abdominal CT.

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TANKA, M.; KRISTO, A. & LEKA, N. Ectopic liver tissue in the left hypocondrium: A case report and a literature review. Int. J. Morphol., 38(1):35-37, 2020.