Evaluation of Performance and Perception of Learning in Teaching Human Anatomy: Traditional Method vs Constructivist Method

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Roger W. S. Vitorino; Célia Cristina Fornaziero & Eduardo Vignoto Fernandes


The aim of the present study was to analyze the performance and perception of learning in relation to the Traditional Method (TM) and Constructivist Method (CM) in the teaching of Human Anatomy. The sample consisted of 76 students of the Physical Education course of the State University of Londrina, randomly distributed into two groups: TM and CM. The TM group received theoretical-expository and practical classes. The CM group was taken to the laboratory for practical classes and the participants of this class were allocated in up to seven per work table. Didactic materials and cadaveric parts were made available for consultation. After both intervention methods, the groups performed an evaluation on the studied content. The following week, a crossover was performed between the groups and, after the intervention, all participants were again evaluated. Before being given the outcome of their evaluations, participants were asked to answer questions about their perception of learning in relation to the above-mentioned methods. After the analysis, it was verified that the TM group obtained better results in the tests when compared to the CM group. In addition, according to students' perceptions, TM also favored learning more than CM. Therefore, it was evidenced in the present study that the traditional method was more favorable both for the quantitative performance and learning perception of the participants.

KEY WORDS: Active learning; Passive learning; Lecture; Teaching practices.

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VITORINO, R. W. S. ; FORNAZIERO, C. C. & FERNANDES, E. V. Evaluation of performance and perception of learning in teaching human anatomy: traditional method vs constructivist method. Int. J. Morphol., 38(1):74-77, 2020.