Anatomical Localization of the Mental Foramen Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in a Population in Chile: Observational Study

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Sara Andrade Alvarado; Rocío Jara Calderón; Claudio Sanhueza Tobar; Daniel Aracena Rojas & Scarlette Hernández-Vigueras


The location of the mental foramen (MF) varies from the canine to the first molar. The confirmation of the location of the MF is essential to avoid nerve injuries during den- tal procedures. The distance from the MF to the adjacent tooth can be assessed by cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) safely and accurately. The objective was to determine the average distance between the upper cortex of the MF and the nearest dental apex. A descriptive study was carried out, where the distance in millimeters (mm) from MF to the nearest dental apex was measured in 99 CBCT exploration. The measurement was realized in a slice that intercepts the MF and the adjacent apex. A total of 99 cases were evaluated (72 women / 27 men), with an average age of 34.7 years (range of 18-73 years). The average distance was located at 3.22 mm from the nearest dental apex to MF, the minimum distance found was 0.81 mm and the maximum was 6.99 mm. It is related to the second premolar in 79 % of cases, and first premolar in 17 %. The MF is located close to the premolar area, its location can vary considerably in relation to the apices of these teeth. This study confirms the importance of being cautious during endodontic and / or surgical treatments to prevent nerve injuries in relation to this anatomical structure.

KEY WORDS: Mental foramen; Computed cone beam tomography; Location; Endodontics.

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ANDRADE, S. A.; JARA, R. C.; SANHUEZA, C. T.; ARACENA, D. R. & HERNÁNDEZ-VIGUERAS, S. Anatomical localization of the mental foramen using cone-beam computed tomography in a population in Chile: Observational study. Int. J. Morphol., 38(1):203-207, 2020.